About Us

CUPE Local 873-02

When E-Comm Emergency Services came into effect a Union local was required for the workers that were transitioning from the Vancouver Police Department. Vancouver Police Department was the first police agency to join the E-Comm family with respect to Emergency Dispatchers. The job of Emergency Dispatcher was a unionized job and the workers required a Union to govern them. A committee was formed to look into which union would best suit us and it was decided that the Ambulance Paramedics of BC, Cupe Local 873 was the best fit as they had Emergency Dispatchers of their own.

As the E-Comm Dispatchers were originally Police dispatchers, it was decided that Cupe Local 873 would form a Sub-Local for the E-Comm dispatchers. Thus, sub-local 873-02 was formed. Another committee was formed to find how best to incorporate the sub local into the parent local. These ideas were incorporated into the bylaws that govern the Ambulance Paramedics of BC. The sub-unit, 873-02 holds a position on the Provincial Executive Committee and also the Provincial Executive Board and votes on decisions, motions and matters pertaining to the sub-unit 873-02.

We share resources with the 873 parent local, including a CUPE Representative from CUPE National. We attend the same conventions and are looked upon as part of the larger group of the Ambulance Paramedics.

Our dispatchers and call takers are highly trained and considered by many to be the best in the business. We have a top notch training section and find that our dispatchers and call takers are coveted by other agencies around the lower mainland. We answer 99% of the province of British Columbia's 911 calls and we dispatch for 73 Police and Fire agencies. Our local also includes those in Finance, Corporate Communications and Information Technology.